Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Retro bikes

summer has inspired me to go out cycling and also i really want a new bike, im in love with these retro style bikes and it would have to have a basket on the front, but no basket on the back coz i dont wanna look like the witch from wizard of oz not a good look 


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Forth Rail Bridge/ South queensferry

A lovely sunset to end a lovely evening, The weathers been great today surprising as it was pouring down yesterday. So tonight we decided to go for a drive and have a walk round South Queensferry (my new fav place to go lately) They actually have APPLE PIE FLAVOURED ICE CREAM yummy! There were fairground rides there but not many. The best thing about the place is the veiw of the bridges you can get some really amazing pictures. I also love looking in the gift shops, they always have really interesting window displays checkout the lego olympics lol so cute and the alice in wonderland themed window was cool although the mad hatter is slightly creepy.

Monday, 4 June 2012

2nd place in the hair show at college

what a fantastic day it was, alot of nerves before the show and alot of hard work but it all paid of, the rest of the class done amazingly too

always learning

we are always learning new things in life and being challenged and thats what i love about being a nail technition,

purple nails

Model Prep Hair show at college

For my theme i chose to do roses, i was inspired by a picture on the internet and i worked out different ways to acheive the look. for the make up i used mostly facepaints glitter and gems to crate a leaf look around the eyes. im pround to say i got 2nd place in the competition.

For the nails i painted them red then using a kirby hair grip i dotted white to have a polka dot look to match the dress my model was wearing