Monday, 4 June 2012

2nd place in the hair show at college

what a fantastic day it was, alot of nerves before the show and alot of hard work but it all paid of, the rest of the class done amazingly too

always learning

we are always learning new things in life and being challenged and thats what i love about being a nail technition,

purple nails

Model Prep Hair show at college

For my theme i chose to do roses, i was inspired by a picture on the internet and i worked out different ways to acheive the look. for the make up i used mostly facepaints glitter and gems to crate a leaf look around the eyes. im pround to say i got 2nd place in the competition.

For the nails i painted them red then using a kirby hair grip i dotted white to have a polka dot look to match the dress my model was wearing