Monday, 23 August 2010

Week 2 manicure and pedicure

Hello fellow bloggers Lol,

Ive been pretty busy lately getting ready for college, Tonight was week 2 at my nail care course and we were all pampering each other and i learned alot, first we learned about shaping the nail did you theres four different shapes? and we were using all the products  then we learned hand manage which i loved when it was my turn. Ill give you guys more details later im off to get banana on toast n a cuppa tea then bed.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

PLEASE HELP! Can you think of a name for my business?

I started my manicure and pedicure course on monday evening, i was so excited it went really well ive got homework and everything lol. I was given a starter kit but theres still alot of things ive to buy myself so it seems like its gonna be really expensive.But ill just take it week by week i can only buy what i can afford.
Also for my homework ive to make client record cards! i'm rubbish at that kind of thing and my brother gave up trying so im gonna have to buy ones from a shop :( and ive to come up with a name for my manicure businesss, so guys n girls any ideas for names? It would be really interesting to see what u can come up with xxxx
PS: I bought this to practice LOL

Monday, 9 August 2010

A walk in the woods

Well the wedding went well on saterday( my cousins wedding) it was really good to see everybody.Yesterday  i went up the woods twice, i really need the exersize got to get rid of this belly lol
heres a few pics i took up the woods xxx

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Award winning

I am very proud to say i just got my very first award thanks to Stephanie Sewell over at Weight a minute...Thankyou very much Stephanie you are so sweet.
Ive been doing this blog for a while now and its just good to know someone has enjoyed it and theres so much more to come...
Here are the rules
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3.  Nominate 15 newly descovered blogs

  4. Let you nominees know about your reward

So here goes 7 things about myself that im gonna share with you guys
  • I drink way too much wine on a Friday night.
  • I never straighten my hair unless i really need to im lazy with my hair(its curly)
  • Miss Yelpington is NOT my real name.
  • I have lost way too many loved ones, RIP Colin xxxx
  • AUGUST is my favourite month as Edinburgh festival is on, also start college on the 30th.
  • Practical magic is my fave film.
  • I had an imaginary friend as a child, her name was Sally and she kinda looked like Alice in Wonderland.
These are who ive chosen to nominate, okay so i only got 10 so far, drum roll please and the award goes to.......

More pics Edinburgh 2010

Heres some more pics from the other day, this  australian guy is called the space cowboy he is a champion street performer, he travels the world and has been coming to edinburgh fringe for 15 years. We were lucky enough to see his show for free on the royal mile just on the street. The guy is amazing he swallowed a sword then he got on a huge unicyle (on the cobbled road)and juggled knives, then done that with a bag over his head so he couldnt see.It usual takes alot to impress me but i really enjoyed this. I did get videos too but im still uploading them Lol. this first pic is a man pretending to be a statue. Thanks for having a look at my blog :) xxx

Edinburgh festival is back for 2010

Edinburgh festival goes on for the whole of august! There are loads of shows on for the whole month some are even free, and lots of street performers on the royal mile. People come from all over the world, its the biggest arts festival in the world the shows include theatre,comedy,dance,physical theatre,musicals,operas,music,expeditions and events that are held in lots of places all over edinburgh. You never know what your going to see when u turn the corner :)

Im really lucky i live just over the water so its only a train journey :)

Edinburgh Castle

I got a dress for the wedding finaly

I searched edinburgh and tried on loads of dresses then found this one...

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Panic Stations! (need to find a dress for wedding ASAP)

  • Hey guys n girls hope you are all well, as for me ive been ill for a week. I have a sickness bug, everyone around me has had it and i thought i was the lucky one that wasnt going to catch it,Ha no such luck! Im the one whos got it for a whole week and counting. Ive got no energy cant face eating or drinking but really trying to keep dehydrated. My cousin and one of my best friends are getting married on Saterday and i dont have a dress yet, well i did have a dress but i took it back as someone else is going to wear the same one Lol. So its total panic stations now, why do i have to leave everything to the last minute?!!! PLAN- Tomorrow im heading over to Edinburgh to shop til i drop! also make hair and nail appointments oh and leg wax too. Weddings are so expensive even if your the guest! but im sure after all the stressing out it will be a lovely day. xxx