Sunday, 1 August 2010

Panic Stations! (need to find a dress for wedding ASAP)

  • Hey guys n girls hope you are all well, as for me ive been ill for a week. I have a sickness bug, everyone around me has had it and i thought i was the lucky one that wasnt going to catch it,Ha no such luck! Im the one whos got it for a whole week and counting. Ive got no energy cant face eating or drinking but really trying to keep dehydrated. My cousin and one of my best friends are getting married on Saterday and i dont have a dress yet, well i did have a dress but i took it back as someone else is going to wear the same one Lol. So its total panic stations now, why do i have to leave everything to the last minute?!!! PLAN- Tomorrow im heading over to Edinburgh to shop til i drop! also make hair and nail appointments oh and leg wax too. Weddings are so expensive even if your the guest! but im sure after all the stressing out it will be a lovely day. xxx

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