Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I want to be a Hairdresser/ Beauty therapist/ Make up artist

I really want to be a beauty therapist, im not saying i dont want to be a hairdresser i love my course its one of the best things ive ever done in my life, its just i'd like to qualify then go on to doing beauty. Although to gain experience in hairdressing it woud be best to be employed in a salon. I'm only half way through my first year in hairdressing so ive plenty of time to think about my options. I'd love to be able too do for example a brides hair, waxing, make up ect. At the mment im qualified in manicure and pedicure and gel nail extensions and i also have some experience in waxing although i had to quit due to my other course. To be honest my dream is to be a make up artist. What do you want to be? and wats your dream? xxxx