About me

Firstly i'd like to thank you for visiting my blog. This page is my opertunity to tell you a little bit about myself,well im 24 years old,
I'm an Art student also training to be a nail technition and i live in Scotland i have my own place but to be honest im not there all that often. My blog is mostly for my sketches and some photos but recently ive been trying to make it more personal. The things i like doing are walking my two dogs Ozzie and Keira, Drawing and Sketching and I love going Camping.I also read alot about aromatherapy and reflexology.

The past makes us who we are today so heres a little bit a bout my past hmmm where do i start? My brother and i were brought up in a happy home. i had long,curly hair. I done Ballet, Majorettes and played the violin, i was just like any other kid except I had an eating disorder and as i got older i had other problems like depression and Self harm. I dont know why i had these issues but i know thay have made me the strong ,caring person i am today.     If you want to know more about anything just ask me.

My hopes and dreams for the future are to be a qualified nail technition and i'd like to volenteer in hospitals and  homeless hostels giving free manicures. (When i was 19 i was homeless and stayed in a hostel).
I'd also like to do well on my Art course although i dont have any career ideas for that just yet.

Some random things about me-

I can stand on my toes,
I have dimples on my shoulders and can dislocate them,
I love peperoni pizza,
I'm alergic to oranges,
I started smoking at 11 years old,
I'm always trying to quit smoking,
Emiem is the best rapper in the world (in my opinion)
I'm abit obbsessive with cleaning,
I can wiggle my ears (without touching them)
If i talk to myself when im alone i get a fright,
My first job was an Avon rep,(avon calling haha)
I left school at 15 to go to college and work,
I have a mark on my toe where my brother stabbed me with a pencil,
my best friend died in a car crash at 17 years old,
His mum died of cancer 2 years later,
Now i look after his little sister,
She is my role model, shes such a strong person even after all shes been through,
I dont eat sweets or cakes or fizzy juice,
I do however drink wine at the weekend,
I cant click my fingers,

Thanks for stopping by,
I'd be happy to answer any questions
I love getting comments xxx