Sunday, 18 December 2011

Snow flakes

A simple christmas french polish-
For this design i started with gel nail extensions using 'the edge' gel which i love working with. I then applied 2 coats of silver glitter polish to the tips. Then i added the snow flake and raindeer nail art sticked using tweezers, i finished with 2 layers of top coat for high shine and to protect the stickers. Thankyou for reading and i hope you have a merry christmas x

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Current trends- Styletto nails or not Styletto nails?

Styletto nails are very popular with celebritys at the moment and  i think they look great in music videos but are they practical for day to day use?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I want to be a Hairdresser/ Beauty therapist/ Make up artist

I really want to be a beauty therapist, im not saying i dont want to be a hairdresser i love my course its one of the best things ive ever done in my life, its just i'd like to qualify then go on to doing beauty. Although to gain experience in hairdressing it woud be best to be employed in a salon. I'm only half way through my first year in hairdressing so ive plenty of time to think about my options. I'd love to be able too do for example a brides hair, waxing, make up ect. At the mment im qualified in manicure and pedicure and gel nail extensions and i also have some experience in waxing although i had to quit due to my other course. To be honest my dream is to be a make up artist. What do you want to be? and wats your dream? xxxx

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Purse or Handbag must haves....

hey my lovely blogger friends,

My parents are away on holiday for a week so my brother and i have been looking after the house and our 2 dogs, Today i decided to look through some of my old boxes, i had great fun, i found loads of old photos of friends and family and pets. I also found alot of things i used to have around my room like ornaments photo frames, clocks ect. What was most interesting to me was my old fashion books and books on aromatherapy, massage, palm reading and tarot. Lots of  srcapbooks, paintings and drawings i done what seems like a lifetime ago. Looking at all my old things it seems like ive changed so much im almost a different person now but i suppose thats part of growing up and having responsibilities. Although i did notice that most of it is very creative things and im very much a creative person nowadays too infact it has inspired me to to make something with all the ribbon and beads and sequins i found.

I also found some of my old handbags, they brought back memories, im the kinda girl that i must have my essentials in my bag and for me that concludes of purse(with ID and bankcard and cash, my phone, fags, plenty of lighters,hair bobbles, clips and kirbys, pen, pencil, hand sanitizer, mints or chewing gum, and this is where my bag might differ from most i usually have playing cards and dominoes in my bag too. i think my reason for this is simply cards are very fun and it gets everyone together, i mean most people can play cards and if not then id teach them its easy.

So my question is this... What are your bag/purse must haves?

Saturday, 23 July 2011


These are Styletto shaped gel nail extensions with red glitter polish and black gems, the client was very happy with them. So sorry about the blurry pics. feel free to comment or ask me any questions xxx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Huggles with my wee pal Ozzie ♥

Nom Nom!!!

After a few drinks last night my friend and i decided to get a delivery, a 16 inch munchy box! the thing was huge but we managed quite alot of it lol. It could easily feed a a family of 4. In the box there was chips,donner meat,chicken,chicken wings,chicken pakora, veg pakora,onion rings,spring rolls,fritters,battered mushrooms,spicy onions, salad, garilic sauce and spicy sauce. Nom Nom!

Friday, 10 June 2011


Today was the competion and.......... I won! I came 1st in my class. Im really proud of myself and it just goes to show  that all the hard work pays off. Well done to Kim who came 2nd with her moulin rouge theme and Denise who came 3rd with her gone with the wind theme.
For my inspiration i chose THE WIZARD OF OZ.
The challenge was to chose a theme, then make a mood board with pictures . Firstly i washed the hair then done finger waves in the front sections and set the hair in a traditional set. The finger wave was a challenge so i had lots of practice before hand.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Dip dye

Im thinking of colouring my hair, im really loving the dip dye look at the moment. I like the natural colours browns, caremels and blondes.  So this is the kinda idea im going for.......

Ultimate favorite picture of the moment...

On the left is my lovely friend Loran and on the right is me I just love this pic coz its so natural.

My Favorite pictures of the moment...

Lorans Birthday
My Ann Summers Party

Nails ive done recently

Gel nail extensions with leopard print trendy nail wraps

Monday, 16 May 2011

Theres no place like home

This is my project for curly hair, we were asked to make a mood board of our inspiration then to do our style on the block heads, so far i have been practicing a couple of ideas and i have completed my mood board. I chose wizard of oz as my inspiration. We are going to have a little competion in the class in 4 weeks so i hope i win fingers crossed xxx

my mood board

finger wave and set

my inspiration

Ann Summers Party

On saterday i hosted my first Ann Summers Party, it went really well, everyone said what a brilliant night it was and i had fun too. The games were really good to break the ice and alot of people tryed on the outfits.
heres some of us towards the end of the night

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Two Weeks "Holiday"

Well im coming towards the end of the easter holidays back to college on monday, although i wouldnt call it much of a holiday since ive been in bed the whole time with a fever. Ive had one course of antibiotics already and going back to the doctors tomorrow. One good thing has came out of this though im no longer a smoker! Yey!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Stressful week

Firstly id like to say rest in peace to my dear grandad who died last wednesday at the age of 84, he was my dads dad, i dont think ive ever seen my dad cry before this week.My grandad has left behind 5 children and many grandchildren and great grandchildren and even one great great grandchild. We were expecting this to happen as he has been in and out of hospital alot lately but it still comes as a shock. He was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago, he was an amazing man, very set in his ways always falling asleep in his chair, he smoked roll ups constantly and liked a drink of whisky. Aparently in his younger days he used to like motorbike scrambling.My gran died before i was born, 2 weeks after my dad n mum got married and my dads twin died when they were 5. Im sure ill learn alot more about my grandad and my family at the funeral on friday.

On a good note for this week i have been excepted into a full time hairdressing course at college and i start tomorrow, thanks for reading and take care everyone xxxxxx