Saturday, 13 August 2011

Purse or Handbag must haves....

hey my lovely blogger friends,

My parents are away on holiday for a week so my brother and i have been looking after the house and our 2 dogs, Today i decided to look through some of my old boxes, i had great fun, i found loads of old photos of friends and family and pets. I also found alot of things i used to have around my room like ornaments photo frames, clocks ect. What was most interesting to me was my old fashion books and books on aromatherapy, massage, palm reading and tarot. Lots of  srcapbooks, paintings and drawings i done what seems like a lifetime ago. Looking at all my old things it seems like ive changed so much im almost a different person now but i suppose thats part of growing up and having responsibilities. Although i did notice that most of it is very creative things and im very much a creative person nowadays too infact it has inspired me to to make something with all the ribbon and beads and sequins i found.

I also found some of my old handbags, they brought back memories, im the kinda girl that i must have my essentials in my bag and for me that concludes of purse(with ID and bankcard and cash, my phone, fags, plenty of lighters,hair bobbles, clips and kirbys, pen, pencil, hand sanitizer, mints or chewing gum, and this is where my bag might differ from most i usually have playing cards and dominoes in my bag too. i think my reason for this is simply cards are very fun and it gets everyone together, i mean most people can play cards and if not then id teach them its easy.

So my question is this... What are your bag/purse must haves?

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