Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I forgot to update you guys about my detox, its going pretty well its difficult to drink so much water im drinking 9 glasses a day but i feel better and i kinda think my skin is feeling softer. Im surprised how easy it is to eat the fruit and veg im really enjoying making the meals too. I absalutly love strawberrys and strawberry smoothies :)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Edinurgh snapshots 2009

Here are a few more snapshots i found on my laptop. These are more of Edinburgh Festival.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Detox Day One

Recently i dont feel very healthy and i know my diet could be alot better so this is the beginning of my new lifestyle im going to post EVERYTHING about the detox and how im getting on. Im going to gradually go into this for two reasons firstly beacause i still have food in the house that needs eaten and secondly i dont want to do too much too soon. The main aim for today is to drink loads of water at least 8 glassses, its 2 o clock and ive drunk 4 so far. Ill update you guys tomorrow. wish me luck xxx

Friday, 2 July 2010

Edinburgh Festival Snapshots 2009

Ozzie and Keira in the Snow

Dunfermline Abbey

Days out

These are Snapshots of a day out at Anstruther a little fishing village about an hours drive from where i live,it is well known for its famous Fish and Chip Shop as it won the best Chippy Award every year for ages.


On January the 10th my flat was flooded due to frozen pipes that burst,at the time it was really devestating, i worked hard to make my little house a home and saved alot of money to decorate it over the past 4 years.
So you can imagine how angry i felt when the council inspector tried to blame it on me!!! Saying it happened because i hadnt heated the property enough when i had the heating on constantly! Id reported frozen pipes on alot of occasions before the flood and had plumbers out who suggested i open my attic hatch to let some heat up there Lol. It was a very extreme winter this year and mine wasnt the only house in the area, there were about 30 and one of those was in my street on the same night!Now im just getting on with the decorating trying to build up my furniture again and get it back to normal, its difficult on a budget but if you want something enough its worth all the hard work. xxx

New Blog Style

I have been neglecting my blog recently as ive not been doing any art, but i really enjoy having a place to write and post pics ect so... i was thinking of having a seperate blog, (one for art and one for everything else) but iv'e decided to revamp this whole blog and see how it works out. Ive got loads of ideas for my new style of blog.Have got alot of inspiration from other peoples blogs too. Im looking forward to it  xxxx